If you ever feel stuck in writing, especially in writing about yourself, consider your writing territories. Your list will ultimately cover the questions of WHY you write, WHAT you write, WHO you write for, HOW you write, and WHY you write.

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Image from http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3157/2675445965_b0a6ffb530.jpg
Writing territories - questions to help you think
Have you had a student/teacher that has taught you something?
Do you have a pet story that beats everyone else’s?
What is a horrible thing that your sibling has done to you?
How has your sibling changed your life in a positive way?
Tell a vivid story from your travels.
Give one example of how something you encountered while traveling that changed you.
In the spectrum of gender where do you fit? What do you identify with as a boy or girl? What do you not connect with?
Do you have a first crush story?
Is there a moment time in your life with someone of the opposite sex that was embarrassing, hilarious, or unique from others’ “romance” stories?
Could you speak about moments in your faith walk or religious upbringing that you could describe without being cliché?
Do you have a memorable moment in your life when you encountered a faith different from your own?
What elderly person has made an impression on you?
Has your grandparent taught you something?
What was your first encounter with death like?
Is there a story behind your name?
What story really helps us understand who your mother is?
What moment in time really helps us understand who your father is?
Is there a piece of literature that you connect deeply with?
What season brings a story to mind?
What is something that you find yourself missing?
What were the books of your childhood?
Whenever you hear this “certain song” what does it make you think of?
What is the best theatre performance you have ever seen?
Has a movie changed who you are?
Could you tell a story about a friend that makes us think? That isn’t cliché? Could you tell us story about your friend that is also about YOU?
What has happened to you in high school?
What happened to you in middle school?
Describe an event at your first job.
Who is your enemy? Why is this person your enemy?
Food! What food item has a deeper meaning for you than just……food…
Has something happened in your childhood that molded you into who you are today?
Who have you had to make peace with?
Who have you ever seen someone in a brand new role—maybe doing something you have NEVER seen he or she do before?
What has exercise or sport taught you about yourself?
Respond to something that has happened in history.
Is there a piece art work that makes you think?
You are growing up. What does that mean for you?
What has God taught you in a specific instance?
What is your earliest memory?
Have you see something that you will never forget?
What do you have strong opinions about?
What problems need solving in your life or the world that you live in?