Language Arts Essentials

This course will help you to develop as readers, writers, and learners. We will study a wide variety of texts ranging from fiction to non-fiction across many genres, and along the way, we’ll engage with the texts, and with each other. We’ll be debating the texts, using them to make decisions, examining them for their strengths and differences, and improving our own writing skills as a result; discussion is going to be very important on this course.

If you ever have a question about things we talk about in class, life, or God, feel free to see me in 528 or email me.

Units in Language Arts Essentials:
7 Traits of Effective Writing
Personal Narrative Writing
Short Stories
Expository Essay Writing
Homer's "The Odyssey"


Late policy
If there is a serious reason for a particular assignment to be late, I will accept notice beforehand, in person. Otherwise, I will expect to see your assignments submitted on time.
“Not understanding the assignment” is NOT an excuse – I post instructions on eClass, and am available to you via email, phone, or in 528, for further clarification. If your assignment is not submitted on the school day it is due, you may email me your assignment up until midnight by my account, after which the assignment will be a late submission. For each day your assignment is late, I will dock 10% from your score. After your assignment is 5 days late, I will not grade it, and you will receive a 0 score for it in my records. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
Refer to the Expectations document if you're not clear about anything.

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