Welcome to Miss Manchester's Wikispace!

This wikispace is my "professional me", like I tell my students about in class, and will be a platform to provide students with additional information about classes they are taking with me.

My online presence aside from this wiki:
  • On Twitter, I post as @vmanchester about life, teaching, and thoughts I have about things (this is as specific as I can get, to be honest!)
  • This is my professional "me" portfolio that I'm compiling alongside my College Writing students (it's a work in progress...)

I love what I do, and I'm always on the lookout for ways to make things more relevant and interesting for the teenagers entrusted into my care. You can read more about me on my profile.

The toolbar on the left consists of the courses that I currently teach, and the pages within will expand as I have time to develop and post. Feel free to browse through and get in touch with any suggestions or comments you have.
A lighthearted moment with my advisory students, HS camp September 2010