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  • Push in your chair and pick up after yourself before you leave the room
  • Switch off your mobile phone. If it rings, it will be confiscated and sent to the Office

  • Come to class wearing the appropriate uniform. Detentions will be given to those whose uniform is not standard

  • Return books you borrow from the classroom. If you lose a book, you will go to a bookstore and buy it back for the classroom, and write a formal letter of apology to Ms. Manchester

  • Write your name on all assignments, or you will lose 10% of your points

  • Hand in all drafts with your piece of writing

  • All work needs to be presentable and neatly written or typed out

  • Keep all work in a binder or folder – do not throw anything out until the end of the year: you will not be given any extra copies

  • Check eClass regularly – if you miss a class, make sure you check and do the assignment posted before you attend the next class, or you will meet with the same conditions as in point 11

  • Plagiarism is intellectual theft. For a definition of what it is and how to avoid it, see http://science.widener.edu/svb/essay/plagiar.html. If you are caught plagiarizing in any submitted work, you will automatically receive a 0 score and be recommended for a Level III infraction with the Principal. Take this seriously, and go above and beyond with making sure you have not left any source unmentioned

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